Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Location...Screaming Broccoli Studios for Nike Spec Commercial Shoot

It was the perfect day for a shoot on location at Screaming Broccoli Studios-Culver City, Ca! And just inside the door you're greeted by this..."screaming broccoli".
mmmm....Kraft Services on location too...gotta love that!
Ok, on to the shoot!
Make Up - Light, Sporty, Natural.  I'm using my fave coral color palette for this one! Perfect for a natural look.
Hair: Sporty/Sleek ponytail/Workout chic
Clothes...Nike, of course! 
In the chair and ready for make up.
Set is ready to go...lights, camera...
Testing...behind the lense styled in ponytail! Time for the work out!
Model Tia doing her "thang"!
The close up!
That's a wrap...till next time. 
Working throughout the week "on location" at, make-up, digital tech!

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  1. Wow Emily, looks like you're living the dream. Well done


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