Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On Location...Smashbox Studios, Culver City, CA for Hautelook - Coolwear Hero

Overhead view of my makeup palette that I used on model, Franki. 
The Look: A sleek cat eye with popping wine colored lips.
View of my station at Smashbox early this morning
Outside Smashbox Studios doing a hero shot for the line Coolwear.
I'm holding the flowers in front of Meadows camera as she shoots.

 Ok, break...time for a little fun!
Couldn't resist the jumping shots on the cove at Smashbox skybox. 
Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 3
Break's over back to work for me!

The finished story we put together from the hero shot for the line Coolwear for Hautelook on sale on 9/6. These were taken outside Smashbox Studios in Culver City, CA 9/1/2011

Model:  Franki
Photographer: Meadow Rose and Andar Sawyers
Stylist: Ebony Campbell and Melissa Garcia
Hair/Make-up/Digital Tech: me

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On Location...Club Ed, Lancaster Ca...One Hot Shoot!

5 am call time in the desert, 8/27/2011, Lancaster, Ca to be exact as we arrive at our location Club Ed.  Which was originally built for a Dennis Hopper movie...Eye of the Storm

An outside shot of the diner at club Ed so cool!
Models getting dressed and ready and keeping hydrated in the RV before stepping out to pose for Hautelook's fall marketing shoot in over 100 degree heat

Hautelook's fashion coordinator Darlene Dull and lead stylists 
Ebony and Aziza go through the hundreds of options for outfits on the rack before dressing the girls in the cool rv.
Ebony styles the male model, Blake before one of the many shots.
Model Tova with vision models looking fierce in an all saints dress and a chic asymmetrical leather jacket before she strikes a pose in the hot heat of the desert.
I did messy textured tussled hair for the perfect desert look 
using bumble and bumbles awesome texture and surf spray products.
 Model Angelika posing and staying hydrated about to enter the 
awesome diner to shoot wearing James Perse and Zara.
Models Angelika and Blake posing in a booth 
This location is many places to work with.
A Shot of The Office!
This girls Tova and Angelika in their pretty dresses walking down the dirt desert road.
For this shot Annie Edmonds the photog with the models and 
Hautelook art directors Karen and Renee.
Sign out front of the Clue Ed..."Easy Rest Inn"
A back lit Angelika in a beautiful dress during sunset! Last shot of the day! The light is always so pretty as this time!
That's a wrap!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Location...End Of Days Photo Shoot...Vasquez Rocks...Flash Back to July

A Flashback Shoot-Share!
"End of Days" shoot with model Natalia Bonifacci from Ford Models. Shot on location in July at 

Photographer: Annie Edmonds 
Stylist: Lexi Wald 
Hair: Michelle Hodnett 
Straight with tousled look
Makeup: Emily Nickrent
Color Palette
 All photos - Annie Edmonds - Copyright 2011

Stay tuned...just finished an awesome shoot on location at Club Ed....will share soon! A*M*A*Z*I*N*G Place!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Location...Screaming Broccoli Studios for Nike Spec Commercial Shoot

It was the perfect day for a shoot on location at Screaming Broccoli Studios-Culver City, Ca! And just inside the door you're greeted by this..."screaming broccoli".
mmmm....Kraft Services on location too...gotta love that!
Ok, on to the shoot!
Make Up - Light, Sporty, Natural.  I'm using my fave coral color palette for this one! Perfect for a natural look.
Hair: Sporty/Sleek ponytail/Workout chic
Clothes...Nike, of course! 
In the chair and ready for make up.
Set is ready to go...lights, camera...
Testing...behind the lense styled in ponytail! Time for the work out!
Model Tia doing her "thang"!
The close up!
That's a wrap...till next time. 
Working throughout the week "on location" at, make-up, digital tech!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sepulveda Wildlife Shoot "Behind The Scenes"

On location at Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve in VanNuys, Ca. 
Test/Look-book Photo Shoot
Fashion Inspiration
Flirty, Romantic, Flowing 
Sundresses, scarves, hats
Nature, Outdoors, Natural 
Sunlight, Flare, Romantic
Hair - Effortless, Clean, Romantic
Makeup Palette - Warm, Coral and Rose Berries
Model: Hillary R.
Photographer: Annie Edmonds
Hair/Make-up: Emily Nickrent
Later...Heading To My Next Location Now at Screaming Broccoli fun is that!